Epoxy Commercial Kitchens Flooring

United Trade Links has vast knowledge and experience in commercial installation and upgrades to epoxy commercial kitchen floors. We have the expertise to assess your kitchen requirements and design a floor system to suit your needs.

You should make your commercial kitchen functional for more efficiency and safety. A well-installed, maintained and a nonslip floor is one of the major functionalities of a good commercial kitchen.  You need to make sure your kitchen floor is not flat because flat surfaces accumulate water, grease, oils, fats and cleaners. All these things will harbour germs and cause health issues. United Trade Links is highly skilled to install effective epoxy commercial floors in Sydney to make sure water falls to drains correctly and does not pool.

Commercial kitchens are heavy foot traffic spaces and are probe to spills, harsh cleaning products and heat. As a result, they are always getting wet, oily and dirty. So you need a floor that is resistant to harsh chemicals, hardwearing, non slip and easy to clean. Our epoxy commercial kitchens floors in Sydney will make your commercial kitchen floor functional and hardwearing.

United Trade Links has a team of epoxy flooring experts skilled in seamless installation, non slip floor treatment and non-corrosive and chemical resistant products.  We provide exceptional epoxy commercial kitchen floor solutions Sydney wide.

Reach us on 1300 698 559 or email us on info@unitedtradelinks.com.au to discuss your needs.

Epoxy Commercial Kitchens Floors